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Jan Bartelstone is director and writer of a new one hour art documentary entitled 'the1ofHearts: Ecstatic writers & Poet-Saints. A long-time resident of New Mexico, he wrote and directed his first film in the 1980's for the NM Humanities Council. He is most known as an acclaimed fine arts photographer whose works grace the walls of enumerable public and private corporations and residences across the United States. Twelve years ago, he became fascinated with spiritual writings and practices, dedicating a great deal of time to study and contemplation. In 2010, he began producing his second film based on his study, personal experience and sharing 's encountered with many people seeking knowledge on spiritual levels. The result is an art documentary that chronicles the teachings of many "Poet-Saints" who translated their divine experiences in ecstatic verse from well before the time of Christianity to contemporary times. Included in the film are quotes from poets of many different spiritual paths, including the mystical Buddhist, Christian, Native American, Hindu and Sufi's. As director, Mr. Bartelstone has found cogent similarities in the essential teachings of all the authentic paths and has put together his fondness of the style and form many of these quotes had appeared: Sacred verse. Some of the many quotes come from spiritual mystics as ST. John of the Cross, Black Elk, RamaKrishna, Hafiz, etc.

Many people of note have helped Mr. Bartelstone on this path including Daniel Ladinsky who licensed him poems from his internationally acclaimed book "The Gift" Poems of Hafiz, brilliant narrator Ursula Drabik, composer Dina Awwad, whose soundtrack blends devotional Hindu ragas with Middle Eastern rhythms and vocals. Krishna Das, a contemporary spiritual teacher who performs all over the world is interviewed. Richard Hooper, author of several profound books including "Hymns to the Beloved" also appears on the film.

New Mexico is highly regarded as a state with great mystical geography and the director chose three haunting areas as a back drop for the journey of there unique seekers on a path back to what he calls the1ofHearts. The film is available on both Blu ray and DVD.

Daniel Ladinsky, internationally acclaimed author of 'The Gift': Poems of Hafiz. Mr. ladinsky licensed several of his extraordinary translations of the poet-saint Hafiz to this film. Krishna Das-Chanter of the Divine Names-offers his experience of countless performances around the world over the last 20 years in a moving interview. Richard Hooper, brilliant spiritual scholar, founder of the Sedona Institute for Comparative Religion and author of 'Hymns to the Beloved' and 'The Parallel Sayings' gives evidence of his life-long study of the world's great spiritual paths. Soundtrack by Dina Awwad, Sufi singer and musician with multiple international CD releases, Ursula Drabik-narrator-with voice-over credits for national PBS, 'Nova' and 'Frontline'.

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